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If we were sitting across from each other at a coffee shop or your office, there are some questions you’d want answered before we got too far into a working relationship. Let me answer a few of them here, so when I do get the pleasure of meeting you personally, we can address mission-critical specifics.

What do you know about the nonprofit world?

The coursework I took for certification in Nonprofit Leadership & Governance helped me to understand the essential tasks of creating and running a nonprofit organization. This experience put me in touch with professionals in this sector as well as established practices, priorities, and problems leaders relate to everyday. My 30+ years working in and being associated with the nonprofit world validates that training and provides the platform from which I pursue opportunities to come alongside and strengthen, encourage and serve existing ministries and agencies.

What do you know about copywriting, especially for the Internet?

Writing in–house, I’ve produced articles, audio and video scripts, web pages, publications and reports of various kinds and scopes throughout my career as both a nonprofit associate and as a school teacher.  

As an AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc.) trained copywriter, I have the skills to make a compelling emotional appeal that draws a prospect into your dream, while presenting the facts to justify reaching for that dream and grasping it. Supporters leap from the heart with permission from the head. I help accomplish that.

What kinds of assignments do you handle?

Creating immediate trusting relationships where both the donor and the nonprofit team sense a deep connection requires heart-gripping stories -printed and web-based, compelling fundraising appeals, insightful case studies, helpful articles, informative brochures, catchy blog and social media posts, and ear-catching online video and audio scripts. It’s great to be versatile; most clients enjoy a package of related services for a unified voice in marketing materials. These should be supported by engaging website pages, newsletters, email autoresponders, and other online copy — I provide these too! A list of services is provided in the info packet. My particular talent is in expressing the back-story through heart-gripping video scripts & voiceover; helping a prospect imagine themselves fully enriched through the relationship with the nonprofit cause- enriched enough to click ‘donate’; having a thoroughly satisfying and deep connection with the ventures – and moved to financially underwrite them, thus joining in with the investments and successes of the leadership and staff. This makes for excellent word-of-mouth and social media exposure. Happy clients and interested, excited prospects energize others and lift awareness to our cause.

What experiences do you have that make you most qualified?

My eclectic life and work experience equip me to relate to people from a wide variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. I’ve been Boy Scout, a community baseball, football and softball player, worked in maintenance & landscape, at a restaurant & grill, as a minister, a chauffeur, a camp director, a science & history teacher, an adjunct college professor, and role-played a mission commander. I’ve volunteered at the Salvation Army, a therapeutic horse riding center; as a chapter coordinator and youth director.  I’ve befriended business leaders, counter-culturalists, entrepreneurs, artisans, professionals, artists, and change agents in a multitude of industries.

In the nonprofit arena, as noted above, I have been heavily involved in Christian ministries of various kinds, The Challenger Center for Space Science Education, The American Diabetes Association’s Tour de Cure cycling event, the Goldwing Road Riders Association, 4-H Science Fun Camps, The National Inventors Hall of Fame’s Camp Invention, Spring Arbor University, Roberts Wesleyan College, and Reasons To Believe. I’ve been accepted in their communities because of my commitment, loyalty and deep understanding of their mission. I’ve gained their trust with an ability to represent their heart and service.  

What do others say about your skills? Your professionalism? Your reliability?

A collection of comments is provided in a separate document.  Here’s one from someone I respect highly:

Jim is willing to try new things yet also is willing to stay with the status quo when he thinks it best. Jim is an idea guy. His strengths certainly revolve around his ability to  connect with people. He genuinely cares about people and engages with them at their point of need. Jim is committed to relationships, and does all he can to make them work. Jim is an amazingly caring person, and has so much to give to others.”

~ Duane Goehner, Consultant, Microsoft Corporation

What is the process for carrying out a project?

You’ll know what to expect at every turn long before we get there. In fact, you’ll find out right now — I’ve included a detailed step-through of the entire process in ‘systems – How I work’ section document.

What is it like to work with you?

Because I am by nature a people person and work well in a team, it is easy to work with me! I am naturally inclined to stay in touch with the leadership, so you don’t have to wonder how things are going. My collaborative nature ensures disagreement doesn’t equal combat, and I work toward resolution before or after – not during – sessions with the public. Timeliness and quality are mandatory – I am never satisfied with mediocrity and strive toward excellence in every endeavor.

How much of an investment will I need to make in this project?

This depends very much on the nature of the project. A list of services and estimated investment involved is enclosed in this packet. Usually 50% is provided initially with the remainder upon project completion. I’ll provide a more precise figure after we’ve had a consultation.

How long will it take to write my copy?

Some projects are significantly more involved than others. After we meet to address your goals and the nature of the project, I will draw up a proposal that will include the process, investment, and timeline for the project. Whatever timeline we agree to I will have your copy on or before our deadline.

What if I want you to revise the copy?

No problem! There are several drafting stages in the process so that copy can be refined. Please do note that a substantial change in the piece would require a completely different project. For instance, if we contract for a success story video script, and at a later stage you wish to change the focus to a fundraising video script, that would be a separate project rather than a draft change.

Who owns the copy afterward? Do either of us have special rights?

I own the copy until after the project is completed and full payment has been made, at which point ownership transfers to you. I do reserve the right to use the copy as sample material unless specified otherwise in the written agreement at the start of the project.

How do I Start?

Simple! Contact me now in any of a variety of ways:
Phone/Text: 585-880-3342
or directly to my personal email:
Message me on Facebook:

Looking forward,

Jim Reeverts,

Senior Copywriter and Creative director

Evergreen Ranch Creative Services Group

URSA Voiceover/ Little Bear Copywriting

Official Mailing address:

904 Savage Road

Churchville, NY 14428

PS: What opportunities are you missing while the world scrolls right on by? Contact me now and let’s have a look at your project together!

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